The Foundation for Global Sustainability's Clean Water Program

The Tennessee River Valley, the fifth largest river system in the country, is blessed with tremendous natural resources containing the richest biological resources of any freshwater system in the world. The ETHP, initially known as the Clean Water Program, monitored the health and welfare of the valley's wetlands, headwaters, and tributaries to protect these waters through advocacy, education, and organizing. The protection of this region is a priority not only because of its biodiversity but also because it supplies drinking water to hundreds of thousands of citizens in Southern Appalachia who rely on safe and clean water for their families. Because states have authority over important aspects of watershed protection and restoration, the ETHP also took the lead in facilitating and nurturing a state-wide coalition called the Tennessee Clean Water Network. Visit the TCWN website at for news, resources, and links to clean water organizations and government agencies in Tennessee and nationally.

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