Our Projects and Programs: How We Do Our Work

We have traditionally addressed the range of environmental problems facing us through six project areas. Our projects function autonomously and work cooperatively with each other, and with others in the region who share similar concerns. Although focused on regional issues, the projects often work with local, national and international networks to achieve goals. The projects report to Global Sustainability's Board of Directors, which is comprised of one representative from each project's decision-making body as well as elected at-large members.

Our organization is unique in that its projects reflect a joint emphasis on advocacy and activism. In the face of serious environmental threats, our approach of advocating for effective public policy and actively demanding change through protest and opposition allows us to provide and fulfill a public service "niche" when political and economic forces threaten the welfare of our social and natural environments.

Each project is committed to using "every tool in the toolbox" to effect change. Through slide presentations, public forums, public hearings, and direct citizen action, including non-violent civil disobedience as a last resort, we work to raise awareness about social and environmental issues facing the region. Our successful track record demonstrates a decade-long commitment to accuracy and credibility in our public education work.